English workshop by Mr. Anuar Bin Tahar, the Master Teacher from STJ

On 28th of July 2011, an English workshop was held at the main hall, Dewan Gemilang. The speaker on that day was Mr Anuar Bin Tahar, a Master Teacher from STJ. He is also a renowned English language speaker in the country. Many schools has used his service as they are very much beneficial to increase the school's performance in English.

The workshop started at 3pm till 5pm and continued from 8pm till 10pm. The English teachers were there to assist him during the whole course. Almost all students from SBPIS were present along with 7 students from STJ itself and also a few from Sharodz, who were involved with the exchange students programme, were present.

I on behalf of the English panel wish to convey our heartiest appreciation to Mr. Anuar and hopefully all students would benefit from the workshop.


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