Bulletin Template and Rules

To all form 5 students, please download the following files to complete your assignment:

  1. To download the template, please CLICK HERE 
  2. To read the rules and guidelines, CLICK HERE 
  3. To check the name list and page assigned, CLICK HERE
  4. To check the theme assigned for you according to the public speech, CLICK HERE
Each students are assigned with ONE theme which also the same theme as your public speech theme. So, you are only required to prepare the main article based on your own theme. As for the filler it can be about anything.

In a publication, there are 4 STUDENTS assigned with ONE page each. So, in one publication, it can be as follows
  1. 4 pages with 4 different themes. Because all 4 students have different theme.
  2. 4 pages with 2 persons with the same theme and the other 2 person with 2 different themes. 
  3. 4 pages with 3 persons with same theme and one person with a different theme.
  4. 4 pages with 4 persons with the same theme.
In short, don't worry about other people's work. Just do you assignment according to the theme assigned to you. In can coordinate with your friends if you want to. You can also work together in a team.