SPM 2009: Good results; specifically English

On the 11th March, the SPM result was announced. It was good news to almost everyone. The school got 1.93, similar with Mozac! What a surprise. But there are some subjects that we are better than Mozac and some they are better than us. :D

Anyway, for English, Mozac is better than SBPIS :( They got 0.9 something while we got 1.55. Nonetheless, it was the best English result we've got so far. So, congrats to all students. Here's the list

1. 4 A+
2. 75 A
3. 31 A-
4. 16 B+
5. 3 B
6. 1 C+

Again, congratulations to all. And to all 2010 candidates, you guys need to work extra hard to get better results.