How to Master English

Learning English can be frustrating. Just imagine, you've been learning English since you were in standard 1 until standard 6. Then you continue in secondary school. Form 1 until form 5, or some maybe until upper 6. Just count how many years have you been learning English. 6 + 5 = 11. 11 years!!! But why can't you still master English?!! There's a big question mark there!

So, how do you master English?? Teachers, what's your answer?

My answer would be this
1. buy a dictionary, a good one
2. read the newspaper and highlight the words that you don't know. After that refer to the dictionary.
3. listen to the radio.
4. Talk, talk and talk in English. Regardless how bad you are, how many people laugh at you, at the end of the day, you'll master English.
5. Be consistent. Don't learn today and stop the next day. You'll never make it this way.

These are the simple steps in mastering English. Of course you would not master it perfectly but at least, you can say to yourself that you are proficient in English.

Remember to read English material according to your level. If you are weak, read simple materials with simple sentences and simple vocab. As you go along the way, you'll increase your level to a more difficult material.

That's my two cents worth on this topic. What's your take?


excelllent method to get started. i would suggest to watch cartoon with its original language not the one that has been converted into malay.


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